Monday, November 19, 2012

To the Point

Petit Giza rings

 Spade ring set

 arrowhead ring set


Plenty of new designs up in the shop, getting ready for the holiday season! The rings are part of a series called "The Point." If you haven't seen the movie of the same title, I suggest you do so immediately. I designed a little pointy triangle ring for a friends birthday, and I fell in love with it so much I decided to make them in varying sizes, like an insect sized version of the great pyramids. 

Also new in the ring department are the Arrowhead and Mountain ring sets. They are sold in pairs, one is a larger cut-out ring, and its smaller pair is the interior space of the larger ring. Very appropriate for gift giving! 

I carried the arrowhead design over to earrings, adding the hand crafted brass dangles to a row of tiny bone beads. The batik earrings are a new option of my dagger design, and the beaded earrings at the end I have available in many colors! 

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