Friday, November 16, 2012

The Bone Collector


I love animal bones. Maybe it came from digging up a cat skeleton in the woods at a very young age, maybe its a morbid obsession with the grotesque stages of decomposition, or maybe just a natural connection with the spirits the bones keep. Whatever it is, a recent Etsy search for animal bones lead me to one of the most unique shops I've seen in a while. Feather and Moss Curiosities provide these charming sets of natural artifacts. Their photography is spot on, making me fall in love with each little collection that much more. 

I'm a firm believer that you could sell people air if it was marketed correctly by true creatives and had a great story behind it (see Marcel Duchamp, he takes the cake in this arena), and I think thats just part of the human psyche. We connect to things that have stories, and want to further support this story (and its creators) by buying into it. Some people might detract that 'oh its just a bunch of stuff' but I believe that taking 'stuff' and making it something of worth, something special, is something that can only be done by an artist, and these ladies are just that!

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