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Welcome to a technicolor world of inspiration. Here you will find recent projects and creations, photographs that inspire, and artists to admire.

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This space is a patchworked collection of paintings, drawings, collage, and bodily adornment created my myself and others. Vintage textures and prints are my true loves, with a dedication to hand crafted techniques like painting, quilting, macrame, sewing, and embroidery. Seeing art and design that highlights these crafts is what really inspires me, and I use this space to share these artists and cultures whenever I can. 

Leonard Knight's Salvation Mountain

In my own designs, the creation of clothing and jewelry from mostly recycled or salvaged materials allows previously unwanted materials to live a new life.  The supplies used are limited and that means that each piece is one-of or a-few-of a kind. 

a little bit of my studio. 

I've always loved being as close to nature as possible, growing up in a warm little beach town called Jupiter, and currently creating in the green hills of Echo Park, California.

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