Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Smells like a Dream

Made a visit to Dream Collective this past weekend, and am considering going back for this Jeremy Rendina lunar calendar and these incense holders (did anyone else grow up with these?? I don't even remember their ever being incense burning in them, but my parents most definitely had the pueblo house on the top right.) 

I picked up some of these natural wood incense last month at Beautiful Dreamers in Brooklyn, so great to know I also have a west coast supplier because I cannot get enough of my house smelling like a cabin in the woods. 

Along with rustic home accents and gorgeous jewelry, they also have quite the array of toiletries at Dream Collective. I picked up this Second Bloom Farm Goats Milk Soap and have developed a bit of OCD because I love the scent so much. (Though the scent i chose, Cowboy, did not come with a carved soap bar, i think I'm ok with that. I'll just have to start a collection... can one have too much soap?)

All images via Dream Collective. 

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  1. I am envious that you live near Dream Collective! I want to own everything I see online associated with the shop. When we were in Brooklyn recently I had hoped to check out Beautiful Dreamers but was too busy during their open hours.
    Oh well! I am going to covet everything they sell regardless :)


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