Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Stumbled upon the Roseark website the other day, and was completely taken away by the jewelry selection. It's all obscenely out of my price range, but I like to shoot for the stars. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to run into some similar pieces on my next thrift trip, or, even better, I can just win the lottery and not even think about how badly some of these bangles need to be on my arms. Which can be seen above. Don't they look like they need bigger cuffs? To match that stunner of a brass shield ring on the left? Did I mention I picked that up for $2?

from top left: Anndra Neen necklace, Kathy Rose snake bracelet, Anndra Neen spike cuff, TOMTOM bracelet, Citrine by the Stones necklace, Anndra Neen cage cuff, Blair Lauren Brown crystal cuff, Citrine by the Stones brass cuff, Kora wonder woman cuff set, Anndra Neen gunmetal cuff, Lauren Wolf bracelet, Bones and Feathers vertibrae bracelet, all available here

You may have noticed the majority of the pieces above are by Anndra Neen. Thats because I'm so smitten with their design aesthetic and story that I'm now borderline obsessed. The designers are Mexican by heritage and heirs to a jewelry designer whos work was collected even by the likes of Frida Khalo. More on them here. I'm almost drawn to go to New York and camp out in front of their studio until they let me witness their magic in person, if it weren't for my jewelry design course this summer. Never in my 16 years of schooling did I think I'd be looking forward to summer school... and now years later, I literally cannot wait to learn. Below, more pieces from their collection. 

I'm spellbound. The cherry on top is this little ditty by Siouxsie and the Banshees, I can imagine her wearing the majority of this jewelry like a pro. Oh, and can we just talk about how great the video editing was back in the day? Even if your not into the music, just give the video a chance. 


  1. amazing!
    loving all and I mean all these pieces.. thanks for sharing.. and thanks for the comment on the "girly" illustration haha made me laugh..I guess he was raised by wolves, he's kind of hairy

  2. thank you for the love you left me on my blog yesterday. meant so much to me to read those words. and now that ive come to your blog, i instantly felt the 'where have you been all my life' feeling... then i went to your shop and realized your one of my favorite etsy sellers! holy moly, i had no idea!!! so, i guess this is hello. and thank you.

  3. incredibly beautiful!



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