Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Band of Troublemakers

christi jay (on sale!)

Trickster, thief, transformer, hero, and messenger, among other things, the coyote is a central element in many Native American myths and legends. Like all living things, the coyote is capable of bad as well as good, and as a scavenger plays a very important part in the circle of life. Living in Los Angeles, I've find their presence to be more obvious than most wild animals. Often times they'll be seen roaming down the sidewalks of Silverlake, Echo Park, and Los Feliz (which can be really scary or really amazing depending on whether your walking or driving!). They are generally thought of as a nuisance or feared, especially to cat owners and mothers of small children, but they can also be incredibly helpful. 

Last week we smelled the stench of a recently deceased animal in the thick brush behind our house, and just couldn't figure out where it was, how to get to it, or even what to do with it when we found it. Later that evening, we could hear the coyotes dragging the animal off and eliminating any remaining trace of it. In honor of this helpful pack of rascals, heres a collection of Etsy items inspired by their spirit of scavenging.

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