Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Buzz me Baby

I've gotten a little backed up with showing my drawings on the blog, so get ready for a flood.
Florence and The Machine played on SNL with Florence in this dress. Love at first sight. 
on a completely different note, i found this beautiful piece of work from 1915 at the thrift store recently, it's quite interesting for an almost 100 year old book.
Turns out it was published by one of the presidents of the New Thought Movement, which it seems is like the precursor to what is now the self help book movement. Its all about the power of attraction, minus all that materialistic "imagine yourself behind the wheen of your brrraaaaand neeeew caaaaar!" or "you deserve that diamond necklace!" Elizabeth Towne also published the Nautilis, a magazine associated with the movement. Love the covers of these, too. 


  1. AMAZING. Seriously... I want some of these. Hanging. In my apartment. Let's discuss when we meet for drinks... very very soooon <3



  2. hey hunnie. thx for leaving such sweet-nothings on my blog. it always adds a bit of sparkle to my day.

    I have to say that I am amazed at your talent. I love these drawings. When ppl ask me if I were an animal, what animal would i be? My answer is a black panther. so i couldnt love these drawings more!

    Where do you get your inspiration from?

  3. Crotch emphasis is so sexy right? I have such an irrational fear of camel toes that I stopped wearing shirts that go above the crotch a long time ago. My husband thinks I'm crazy. I'm thinking vintage is the way to go as well.

  4. why were you hiding these drawings?? you are amazing.. loved florence's and the second one of the panther is awesome.. you know I've always said that if I was an animal I'd be a panther.. there so fierce! coolness!
    I'm following you here and also on etsy btw.. I just opened a store there, and I don't know anyone else in the neighborhood haha.. so I added you to a circle or I dont know, something I saw there.. I'll send you photos of my house and backyard to your email.. maybe you'll get some inspiration or not but still you might like some color combinations maybe for an aztec inspired necklace.. xoxo

  5. Wonderful !!!!! And compliments for your drawings! :-)

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  6. wow those drawings are beautiful :)


  7. wow these are crazy cool!!!
    very good work!!!
    I'd buy it!



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