Monday, January 2, 2012

Say No More

This is one of those photo shoots I'll remember forever, I've looked at it so many times already its engraving itself on my brain. The colors and photo style bring me on a little mini vacation in my mind. Also, I just made a bunch of necklaces like the above fringe ones, andnow I'm thinking of layering the necklaces to get a really bold look. I'm trying to take my jewelry to the next level, you know, like Our Lady Guadalupe chestplates (see image #2). Or something a little more tame. Who knows.

NOAH via Fashion Gone Rogue. Photographer, Anouk Nitsche. stylist, Patrycja Juraszczyk.

UPDATE: here's the layered leather necklace look. These will be up in the shop later, I'll even be discounting the purchase of 2 as a set. Pardon my "thug life" face. I can't help it sometimes.


  1. Oh my god, if you've seen my blog you must know how much I worship Frida Kahlo.. and these photos remind me of her.. besides the house in the first one looks exaclty like my backyard haha.. My mom has always loved our traditional mexican decor to the fullest, so my house looks pretty much like that.
    you did an amazing job on that necklace, if you're into mexican inspiration for further designs let me know if I can help sending you some photos or perhaps materials from here, :).. xoxo

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  3. I loved this post, you're really talented. I wish you a happy new year!



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