Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kid in Play

Sometimes i get the urge to cut my hair, and have a curly little 'fro like i did a few years back. Then i see images like this, and remember why I started growing it out in the first place. I love the feminine power that seems to be held in long locks of hair. 

I even love that they didn't even attempt to hide that she's got a ton of tracks of extentions. Love the look, but fake ain't really my jam, so just give me a few more years and I'll be rocking this au natural. 
Chloe Moretz - photos by Alexi Hay, Styling by Jennifer Eymere, images via Jalouse, one of my favorite magazines, despite not being able to read a lick of it. I'm hoping the more I read it, the more French I'll pick up. 


  1. ha..I have the same predicament. I had super short hair in so many different ways, even shaved from one side.. and I loved it.. but now I'm letting it grow and I'm so anxious because the current lenght is terrible.. not short nor long, just medium lenght that can't seem to look cool... I wanna cut it every day but I tell to myself.. "patience.. remember you want it to be super long again"
    ..And I hope my mom doesn't hate my tattoo either but she's like "I'll disown you!" haha

  2. Beautiful but oh my gosh how impractical it must be!


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