Monday, December 26, 2011

Go back and get it

 Josephine Baker
Marsha Hunt

Pat Cleveland
A concise collection of some beautiful women in history. These women helped (and are still helping) to let the world know - black is beautiful. Below is a Sankofa symbol, an West African Adinkra symbol that means literally go back and get it, as in learning from the past. 


  1. I like that symbol.. "go back and get it"... wish it was that simple... and of course, if you saw my heartbroken drawing you probably now what I mean with get "it".. or "him"... ha. anyway, I'm hoping for the impossible.
    Thanks so much for your comment on my drawing, I appreciate it.. and yes, I do think great inspiration comes from depressive moments.. I've always been a dark/depressive person but never about love.. this is the first time I feel like this and as much as it sucks.. I am creating more than ever, so at least I'm taking some sick advantage out of it...
    lovely photos.. black is gorgeous! I don't understand people that can't see that..stay cool!

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