Friday, December 30, 2011

...When You Came into My Life

Finally, after years of careful planning and deliberation (i.e. avoiding the inevitable) I finally got a new camera. I would have put it off longer but when it comes to gift giving, electronics are kind of my mothers specialty. After 5 minutes of playing around with it though, I realized all the hype around quality cameras. Um, its because they are great. Really, really great. I mean, look at that soft focus portrait of Sue.

clockwise from top: Sue (Ben and I's pup), some framed photos and artwork of mine, Haley Ann's mini deer, cross stitch from 8 Limbs in Echo Park, diorama by Teresa Pilar Huerte, and my manicure, thanks to OPI samples at Sephora. 
necklace soon to be available in my shop, my back patio, succulent closeup, and watching the sunset from my kitchen.

the sunset setting is one of my favorites, especially when you've got a highlighter pink striped sky. No better thing to come home to (although my holiday in Florida was full of amazing sunsets also).


  1. amazing photos, those sunsets are dreamy!
    and loving the artwork on the wall as well.. how cool, I'm looking forward to a new camera as well, but I'm still saving up though...
    Hope you had an awesome new year's eve.. thanks for your awesome comments on my drawings, I appreciate it!!! a lot!

  2. congrats on your new camera. I agee 100%, a good camera does wonders. And as a business tool, especially for online biz, it's essential! Love that bag you made too.


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