Saturday, December 31, 2011

Keep Me Hangin' On

Considering my track record with electronics, i thought it might be smart to invest in a camera bag. Except right now I've got way more time on my hands than money, so i just whipped one up out of some materials I had lying around the house. and by 'whipped one up' I mean spent hours going "why cant this %#^@ machine just do what i &*$# tell it to??" while breaking needle after mother loving needle. Patience really is a virtue.  Honestly, it was worth every minute. I love Sylvia's new home.

Thats right. My camera's name is Sylvia. 

Rather just hand over the cash? Scroll down for some beautiful options from etsy. 

Just because its holding precious cargo does not mean it needs to be ugly, grey, or have sporty reflective piping. While I'm sure the gortex finished cases with all their aerodynamic features are great for professional photographers who are carrying their equipment around with them in rain, sleet, or snow, that just ain't me. A few below that fulfill both requirements: looking good AND super sturdy. 

top left: Porteen Gear $125, right: Canter Bags $218, bottom left: Sizzle Strapz $549.99


  1. Nice one! I want to make one for my (nameless) camera too but at the moment i´m just too lazy...

  2. wow you did such an amazing job, I hear ya with the sewing machine,I just found your blog via your etsy shop, I really love what you do ;)



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