Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Teach the Youths Right


Welcome to my animation film debut!! Or more like, fun with Photoshop. 

I'm actually using this as a pitch to hire on the youngest members of my family - my nephew is kind of a stop-motion video expert (seriously, the kid is 5 years old and making movies with his legos. so cool), and my niece has great hands for modeling rings, so I figured with our powers combined I have a fully staffed team for my new look book! 

The idea came from a discussion on the way to my friends family's house in Santa Cruz. She's an art teacher at a local charter school, and a pretty amazing one at that. If your interested in learning more about how she's teaching her kids to be better humans as well as better artists, check out her blog - We Make Marks. Its pretty entertaining - one of my favorite posts is where she had the kids paint over blown up portraits of members of The Growlers, a Costa Mesa based band, in a rotating format, so that each child gets to be a part of each painting made. 

I love the idea of having each child be a part of each painting - I kind of wish I had been forced to work in such a collaborative manner as a child!!

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