Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Knotting and Weaving


A few tapestry yarn beasts I've been working on lately. I have tons of yarn that I've accumulated that is either too itchy, or doesn't work on my knitting machine, or just generally sitting around unused for some reason. Combine that with an unlimited supply of fallen twigs from the backyard, some time and patience, and a whole lot of shoulder muscle and ta da! Yarn for your walls. 

The first one shown was for an exhibit we had at my work, The POP studio, called Nightmare on Helm Street (the fun part is - all proceeds go to charity to make hospitals less scary for kids!) and the last one was for the bride and groom of the most beautiful Big Sur camping wedding I've ever been to... also the only Big Sur wedding I've ever been to. Nothing quite like waking up to the sunrise in a sleeping bag next to the fire, surrounded by redwoods. 

That wasn't really the plan, I had space in a tent to sleep in but thanks to a steady supply of craft beer the night before, I was feeling pretty wild and invincible. Not even waking up with a ponytail full of fallen leaves and a sleeping bag coated in dirt could make me regret that decision. I think sleeping outside in nature is something we should all partake in as much as possible (and yes, falling asleep on the patio chair on a sunday afternoon counts!). Of course, that's a whole lot easier to do in sunny California, but if you ever get the chance, try it! You may even like it.


  1. the last one is incredible, love the colours, would be great for my home :)

  2. Everything about this post is beautiful! <3
    Ah, I can almost feel the crisp California morning air from all the way over here on the East coast..

  3. these are so beautiful, Christi!! I especially love the yellow tone on the curved branch. Weaving and macrame seem to be becoming really mainstream lately and I love that. You are inspiring me to maybe give something like this a try! xo

  4. you amazing craftress! magic slumber in redwoods/big sur certainly can do remarkable things for the spirit. xo

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented! Wow

    <3 Melissa


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