Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Love

Good god what a busy summer!! They say when it rains it pours, my life has become a constant downpour (in the best possible way!) Along with all the summer fairs, I've been doing a whole lot of redecorating lately, after a year of living at my place I feel like its time for some renewal. I realized I haven't shared any of it with those who aren't following me on Instagram. 

It started with the mosaic coffee table. My good friend Mekenzie and I went out and bought a bunch of thrift store plates, took a hammer to them in what can only be described as an incredibly therapeudic act of smashing them into hundreds of pieces. We also almost emptied a large box of mini tiles my mother sent to me from a past mosaic project. 


Oh, and I finally broke down and got a REAL sewing machine, check out what I've busted out on it! Though in all honesty its really for sewing leather, not cotton tank tops. 

Perfect for the leather vests I've been making again after selling out (below, this wonderful woman purchased one from me at the Melrose Trading Post and instantly styled it with the outfit she was already wearing!) On right, a closeup of the booth space i shared with The Creatures Vintage (post on them coming soon!)

Below, a few images from the Space 15 Twenty Flea Market I did with the help of Alia and her gorgeous posters and home grown plants. Oh, and this darling young python also joined us!


  1. The table is beautiful!! really love that! I've wanted to try some ceramic smashing to create a mosaic piece for a while but I'm not sure about the plaster???? or what it is that is used to hold it all together?? Send some tips my way if you have any! ;)
    Great photos.

  2. hello there!
    what a lovely space you have here in cyberland, and your actual home too!
    the mosaic table is very impressive, but i love most your story of smashing and then creating. i'd enjoy tackling a mosaic table one day.

  3. how awesome are these photos.. your house looks amazing..I've always wanted to do a mosaic table honestly.. yours looks fab.. and that machine will be good for anything.. if it works with leather it'll work with anything.. I sew a lot of leather within my designs and it's hard to find good machinery for that.. so hang on to it...
    judging by these photos, looks like you lead a really cool life.. keep having fun


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