Monday, July 23, 2012

Jewels and Treasures


I recently stumbled across a book called "Ethnic Jewellery," with an amazing amount of photos and information on jewelry from different non-European countries (and a bit of pre-Colonial America as well) and I haven't been able to put it down since. The day before I found it, I had been working on the drawing below based off a photograph of a beautiful African woman covered in jewelry and felt the urge to learn more about what she was wearing, so I like to think this book actually found me. 

All images above from Ethnic Jewellery, Edited by John Mack

Speaking of jewelry, this Saturday was the last day of my jewelry design course, so I tried to get as much soldering in while I had access to the torch, results below. Very exciting! I just ordered a large piece of brass and plan on making a bunch more like the one on the top right.

Below, some gems from my recent treasure hunting trip. 


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  1. LOVE LOVE how the rings turned out! great work.
    That book found you, most definitely! The Universe provides :)

  2. Wow, sheer gorgeousness! Your new rings are absolutely stunning.. love.

  3. Awesome rings!
    I'm dying to take a jewelry design course... I can already see all the cool stuff you'll come up with..


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