Monday, June 4, 2012

Venus in Leather

I had a weekend where I was lucky enough to not have any plans, giving me the freedom to spend it all making more handbags and jewelry. I used to do a lot of leather macrame'd jewelry, but I think I'm loving it a lot more on purses! 

I just got a ton of African trade beads, the colors and patterns on them are all so unique I have a hard time settling down on what to make, but I love how the new design below showcases them against a solid strand of beads. Oh, I also figured out how to drill crystals, so I've posted a few of these new asymmetrical designs in the shop as well. I'm trying to embrace a bit of simplicity in my life, apparently this is about as simple as it gets for me.

In other news, Venus is in transit across the sun tomorrow, a great time to set your mind to new intentions for your life, especially those that relate to making life easier for yourself and all of those around you, as well as intentions of releasing your heart from any pain or heartbreak. Historically this has been a pretty powerful event, usually happening simultaneously with inventions or discoveries that serve to advance humanity. 

Did I mention I started taking Kundalini yoga and meditation a couple times a week? It feels so amazing for the body and soul that it has become a necessity in my weekly routine, and not just because my body is begging for the workout. The thoughtfulness and discipline of the practice combined with the positively grounding meditation is something I never realized I needed so badly. It helps keep me conscious of what kind of vibes I'm putting out in the world through thought, focusing on thoughts of love and gratitude not only make you feel better inside, but also makes things around you a little bit better. We all know how beneficial positive thinking can be in actualizing our plans, so why not think a little louder at times when the universe seems to really be listening? 


  1. Everything you've photographed here is so beautiful!

    I love Kundalini yoga classes for those same reasons. It's a great practice.

  2. Your handbags are amazing! i love all of them you have pictured above! Especially the black leather one. Definetly about to go check out your shop. Awesome blog, new follower:)


  3. I really love what you're doing. The macrame bags are gorgeous! (especially the blue one)Those necklaces are great for layering with summer outfits! Really pretty stuff. I'm still dieing over the shorts and new vest/harnesses you posted on your FB :)

  4. Great accessories!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Oh my, these are on my wishlist! Can you send a couple all the way to the tropics? :p


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