Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Return Often and Take Me

collage by cardboard cities
Asylum quilt, circa 1877, created by patients at a Utah mental asylum from here
 collage by cardboard cities

Amanda Charchian photograph
Alicia Scardetta textile via ernests
 collage by cardboard cities

What is currently inspiring me. Call me crazy if you'd like, but summertime always gives me the feeling I'm not living right. I need more nature, less technology, to get outside and be active. Fresh air, open windows, hearing the breeze. I want to spend all day outside sewing and braiding leather, beading, and sketching. Hey future self, figure it out! 


  1. I think summer has a similar effect on most of us! In love with the Alicia Scardetta textile piece.

  2. LOVE this post! Summer is definitely for being outside! More nature, less technology = always a good thing :)

  3. gorgeous selection!


  4. agh I totally get you.. I feel the same way mostly all the time, but when summer comes, I just wish I could be one of those 60s hippies living on the road inside a van getting to awesome different beaches every day and selling my art, t-shirts, jewelry or creative stuff in each of those beaches and towns... spending the entire day outdoors, and the entire night outdoors gazing up at the moon and the stars... is that even possible? has anyone ever done that? is it just a lie movies taught us to dream?
    ...who knows...
    awesome collages btw.. I did a post on jimi hendrix today too.. as a style icon.. I wish I had been friends with him and janis joplin.. I bet those would have been wacky times...
    stay cool!

  5. Yes, that sounds like the perfect summer. You'll meet up with your future self there, don't worry.


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