Friday, June 29, 2012


What, today's not Wednesday?? The weeks are flying by, I'm hustling to get all my products done for the Keystone Row summer fair (my first fair EVER. The butterflies in my stomach are having a field day), and my big sister is coming into town this weekend, yeah!

So here's a quick glimpse at some of my recent Instagram posts, you can keep up with all my photos by following me at christijay, or click on the camera icon on the sidebar to see all my photos.

Oh, and nothing quite as amazing as planting a 3 inch tall tomato plant in the spring, just add water, then months later having a 4 feet tall tree that is practically overflowing with tomatoes! We got three different varieties of heirloom, they are by far the best tomatoes i have ever eaten, no pesticides or chemicals necessary! 

My work in progress - in my last jewelry class on Saturday we began sawing metal, our first project is layered aluminum pins. I'll be sure to share the finished product! 

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