Thursday, May 3, 2012


Always love what ACB comes up with... She's like Mara Hoffman to me, but with jewelry. Not that their styles are the same, but that every season their designs blow me away more so that the season before, yet remain completely in line with their aesthetic. 

A good friend got me the single point cuff for my birthday this year (3rd image from bottom, top left) and despite it probably being the smallest piece of jewelry i own, its also one of my most treasured pieces. Goes to show how important true craftsmanship is. 

It's designers like this that have inspired me to take a jewelry making class at my alma mater this summer. I don't have the slightest idea of what it takes to forge or set stones or solder or anything so this should be an incredible learning experience. It's been so long since I've learned a new craft, my mother pretty much covered all the bases for me at a very young age - tie dye, batik , sewing, painting, life size paper mache monsters, knitting and crochet, wood working, and pretty much whatever my crafty little heart desired. So goodbye Saturday BBQ's, helloooo real metal working. I'd say thats a pretty even trade.

Below, images from her interview with In The Make. Can I still aspire to be someone else when I grown up if, for all intents and purposes, I AM grown up? 


  1. So, so beautiful. Jewelry class would be very enlightening-- I haven't done "real" jewelry making since a high school art class. (Ps- thanks for sharing the In the Make photos-- I love seeing workshops in action)
    Erin @

  2. OMG, amazing necklaces!!!

    xoxo Carolina Ferretti //

  3. beautiful jewelry!!! i like it soooo much!

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