Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making Things

What day is it again? This weeks gone by so fast that I'm just now posting last weekends projects. This is what my Sunday looked like. Business as usual. 
Wallets coming soon to the shop. Oh, and did I mentioned I finally broke down and ordered rubber stamps for my hangtags? I've always carved my stamps out of linoleum, but i came to the realization that the clean lines of the rubber stamp was kind of necessary in this case. 
As I mentioned previously, went to Alia's to take a bunch of photos of her clothes for sale. Just got the pictures from her and I must say it was a very successful shoot! More to come later, many thanks to this ever talented lady. 

Above, her technicolor Birth of Venus gets a new look in my fringe necklace

...and how frickin' cute is her kitten?? 


  1. wallets look amazing!!! great job!!!

  2. Super cute pouches, love the colors!


  3. Those wallets are so pretty! I love everything in your store, by the way!

  4. Wow, these are seriously awesome! Wish I could get a couple, but shipping will kill me. :p


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