Friday, January 27, 2012

Mara Mara Mara...

This woman blows my mind every time. She uses such beautiful prints, and is never afraid of color or getting far past ordinary (what is this obsession with normal, anyways? dif-fer-ent! dif-fer-ent!). Mara Hoffman's collection are clothes for arts sake.

 Her printed bustiers are so inspiring, I can't even begin to think of the work that goes in to manufacturing something like that... each print perfectly accenting the figure just as its supposed to. Enjoying her blog, too. Hey Mara, if you ever decide to move to LA, give me a call, yeah? Her husbands art is also pretty mindblowing, but that is for another post.


  1. I love te swimsuit at the second photo from top, and the green one in 5th too -soo amazzing - and supermegabeautiful photos!!

  2. Thanks for your support! You have been awarded the "Versatile Blog Award" on my blog, come check it out :-) Also, beautiful images!!!! Happy blogging!

  3. OMG I LOVE ALL OF THIS!! I'm dyyyyinggg


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