Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mummy, I want a python!

Some recent drawings i did of jewelry designer Maria Francesca Pepe's Lookbook. I was so drawn in by the way the snakes integrate with her body, and the use of all black clothes to really showcase the jewelry. It's almost as though the jewelry itself were the clothing and the black just an extension of the female form. 

Go take a look at her product catalogs, too. I love how she takes a concept and just runs with it. You can see the themes running through her collections for multiple seasons, the snake being a very clear continuation on a theme. 

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  1. loved it!
    I will check up her work, thanks for sharing.. I've been feeling into snakes for quite some time now.. as in jewelry pieces.. I've bought several rings and now I'm in search for a cool necklace.. like the one in LANVIN SS2012 collection.. epic!


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