Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Days of Heaven

i needed something refreshingly light after all my halloweening. Now that i got that out of my system, back to the dark eyeliner and purple lipstick, tomorrow is Dios de los Muertos after all!!

photo credit: Angelika, Chelsea & Natalie by Harper Smith for Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. great inspiration! thanks for sharing!

    take care, aimee
    diy blog: swellmayde.com

  2. This is like a tall glass of water. Almost makes me sad its so short. Harper Smith is such unwaivering quality. Fer realskies.

  3. Thanks Aimee! And yes, Anna, these are really superior quality! They are so crisp, yet still feel faded and washed away. Like that one part of the dream that comes to you really clear, but you can't remember what it was about...


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