Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fri-DIY night

Something about living with your best friend and being able to listen to records and stay up all night that makes going out on a Friday night seem like a hassle. So me and B stayed in last night, him playing guitar and I finally got back into a little painting. Seriously, these things are like 4" x 5". pocket sized fo sho. Step one, then the finished product...

And the inspiration


  1. AMAZING!! love them. you reek with raw talent.

  2. so cute - also now i want that dress in the bottom left corner.
    i hope you keep painting!

  3. Damnit, I love these. I love them so much.

    PS the dunes -- Imperial Dunes, a 40 mile stretch about 1.5 hours east of San Diego. Worth the trip, the sight still haunts me and what a backdrop for photos!

  4. Thanks everyone! This leaves me with no excuses to stop... and Anna, I'll be there come spring for a dusty photo shoot.


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