Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dance of the Dawn - by Made of Dreams


A very late post about the collection of clothing I've been designing, Made of Dreams. The story:

Every evening our mind works to transform our daily thoughts and experiences through another dimension. Flying around multicolor galaxies, swimming with imaginary creatures at the bottom of the ocean, or taking boundless leaps through fields of giant poppies, our dreams are where our minds are able to envision freely beyond ordinary reality. It is within this freedom that the concept and designs for Made of Dreams is born.
 Reaching outside the scope of traditional fashion, each Made of Dreams piece is individually hand-made from a spectrum of materials and techniques. The limited edition collection showcases old fashioned labors of love like hand embroidery, patchwork, and natural dyeing from an other-worldly perspective. Many hours, days, and in some cases months, have been spent on each garment. Some of the pieces are one of a kind, providing a refreshing alternative to todays mass-manufactured fashions.

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