Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something Brewing


Love the prints, love the jewelry, love the inspiration, love the darkness, bring it on! images via here

October issue of Marie Claire US
 Photographer -  Enrique Badulescu 
Stylist - Romina Herrara Malatesta
Hair - Ward Stegerhoek 
Makeup - Vicky Steckel 

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  1. Interesting how they portray Mexican Celebrations; I can never quite feel the "real" vibe when they make a Dia de Muertos or Frida Kahlo inspired photo shoot or collection or whatever.. I don't know if it is because I am mexican or that I trully know about these festivities; but there's always something that doesn't fit.. for example here.. it's all breathtaking but would have loved a latin model instead of that blonde/european-like one... dark hair, dark eyes.. after all, el dia de muertos is originally from Mexico, why not try to approach it more traditionally?
    anyway, just my opinion...
    I always find great stuff here.. stay cool!


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