Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Already 2,000 Miles Away...

Almost done unpacking from Sunday's swap meet and getting ready to pack up for a weekend on the shore, though my mind has already traveled there. I currently live about 10 miles from the ocean, but L.A. beaches cannot begin to compare to the chalky soft white sands, clear blue waters, and gentle rolling tide of the beaches in Florida. Say what you want about it, that state will always have a piece of my heart. Humidity? Bring it on! Slow drivers? Let's join them! Rednecks? Umm... ok that's where it can get a little strange, but honestly I've never heard a Southern accent I didn't like.

I somehow always think I'm going to get a bunch of crafty projects done during these trips, but my relaxed mind goes into overdrive (or maybe underdrive?) and it's just swim, drink, eat, chat with the family, nap, help a child put together a puzzle, repeat. Nevertheless, I like to have projects to think about doing, and since me and Ben have been doing a bit of re-decoration, naturally all the projects are for the home. 

Boucherouite rug (above) from here. Moroccan rugs made from fabric scraps - an ideal solution for all those fabric scraps I save (the realist inside knows I'll only have the patience for a pillow, the dreamer inside is OK with that.)

Lets throw the realist out the window and make an embroidered tent, shall we? from here

I've got two window frames in my backyard that I was apparently saving for a project like this. Maybe I'll paint them then hang them from trees so the sunlight will shine through them all over the garden. from here

Dreaming of dreaming under a dreamy quilt... via here.

applique pillows - another great use for scrap fabrics (this one's an embroidered suzani, but I'd interpret it as applique because I'm quite lacking in patience) from here

 more pillow love from here

those mosaic hanging lanterns are gorgeous, especially going back to the colors in the suzani (the epic indoor/outdoor space never hurt!) from here

multi-color dream catchers and Moroccan wedding blanket via here.

macrame'd hemp has such a special place in my heart... 18 year old me, on the beach digging through shells, putting them on macrame hemp necklaces, and hanging out with the dogs, some friends, and an albino burmese python while we took turns swimming. Naturally, I'd like to keep this memory alive with these macrame plant holders (sandy wet dogs not included)

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