Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Aftermath

Saturday's Summer Fair was so much fun! For any of you who couldn't make it and would have liked to, there will be plenty more, trust me. Nothing like being able to talk to customers in person, see other people trying things on and seeing how they style my pieces. 

My wish is to start doing much more events like this, and now that I know that I can fit an entire booth's worth of merchandise and furniture in my little Corolla (one trip was all it took!) there's not a whole lot stopping me. 

What about you, what are your summer goals? Oh, and hardcore relaxing is a completely acceptable summer goal, by the way. Maybe I'll try that this Sunday... 


  1. great set-up, looks awesome! I miss doing the markets so much, such a fun social event. The bags look freakin' fantastic! x

  2. so i'm obviously catching on your blog and i've seen these photos + talk on instagram over the last few months but i just wanted to say i love reading about your progress! inspiring! keep it up lady :)


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