Thursday, April 5, 2012

Universally Handmade

No matter which planet your from, you'll find plenty of springtime treasures. Here's a collection of some recent Etsy finds from all over the world that are begging for a warm afternoon and bright sun. 

necklace @ Christi Jay + The Aquarians - $50
feather earrings @ Still Tree - $57
tribal patch shorts @ Me You N Bob - $40
moon dancer crop top @ CALABASH - $83
cosmic photo print @ Deep Space Photography - $5
rainbow cap @ UTHA hats - $130
pigment makeup @ glamatronic - $8.50
cuff bracelet @ Kapa designs - $30

photo print @ Wild Wilderness Photos - $45
fringe bag @ SABRINA TACH - $155
feather earrings @ Still Tree - $35
peachy sunnies @ THAYER eyewear - $49
leather pouch @ Beaded Buckskins - $85
wolf dress @ So You Think You Can Rock - $16
pyramid harness @ hinageshii - $72
tie dye scarf @ Dear June - $75
photo print @ Wild Wilderness Photos - $45
peyote bead earrings @ fantasy beader - $42


I feel like a lot of people are scared to shop handmade on Etsy, its such a vast community that sometimes its hard to search for your specific style. Even worse, sometimes searches for things lead you to a plethora of children's clothes (not that theirs anything wrong with children, i just happen to not fit into their clothes) or mom bags (mom, you have good taste in bags, so you don't count.)

I find the best way to use Etsy is to take advantage of your "circles," and checking other users favorites. If you find a store who has an aesthetic your really into, check out their favorites. Chances are they will lead you to many other stores you like, and if you add them to your circle you will be able to check your activity feed and be constantly amazed at new discoveries. Once you surround yourself with a likeminded community, it becomes much easier to search for things.

The majority of things listed above are under $50, so don't think it's much more expensive to shop handmade. Not only are you getting something made with love and care, but your nurturing a community that always puts the customer first while also supporting artists. 

So this week, when shopping for your festival gear, or spring flings, or mountaintop frollicking (which is apparently not a real word. yet.), I dare you to buy handmade. 


  1. aww thankyou! you're too kind. I love etsy, i love buying pieces off other designers. Hoorah for handmade! x

  2. i want all of it! seriously though the first necklace and those patchwork shorts <3
    i'm definitely one of those people that can get a little overwhelmed on etsy, but this makes me want to try a little harder to find some great pieces like these!

  3. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely adore it! It's the epitome of perfection and your sense of style is impeccable. I hope you're having a lovely day xxx

  4. Great photos!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


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