Monday, April 2, 2012

Strawberry Sundae

When life gives you lemons, mix them with the strawberries your co-op gave you and make a damn good lemonade. In fact, probably the best lemonade ever. Take that, life.

Oh, and along with strawberry lemonade I finished up these beauties. They even have buttons (and BUTTONHOLES.) which is kind of a big deal for me because... well... I'm lazy. Proper button and buttonhole sewing and placement takes TIME. 

These bustiers should be up in the shop by the end of the week! 


  1. i hear you with the button holes! They look freakin unreal! loving the bold prints x

  2. I'm loving the prints!

  3. What a great blog, very inspiring. Im your newest follower.


  4. I love the colors and prints, so gorgeous.


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