Thursday, April 26, 2012

Save Yourself

 Took a trip to Salvation Mountain this week, just me myself and the dog. There's nothing like traveling alone, especially to extremely desolate places like the Salton Sea. While I'm sure its not the safest thing to do, I had Sue with me every step of the way and nothing like a pit bull to make you feel secure.

We started off at a funny tiki motel in Palm Springs, below right.

 Then drove down to Salvation Mountain, a gigantic piece of art created by Leonard Knight who lives on the property with no electricity or running water. Really the only word i can find to explain it is "epic," no matter what your thoughts on religion, the love and faith put into this will move you.

Just getting out of the car you can feel the power of the place, and the absolute silence of being the only one there accompanied by the clouds straight out of a 3 billion dollar blockbuster apocalypse movie stopped me dead in my tracks a number of times. This is an experience I could never forget.

 tBelow, some images from earlier in the trip, a stop by the leather shop on the way out of town and a sighting of the bus i wish i had driven in.
 Oh, and i stopped by a little town on the Salton Sea called Bombay Beach on my way to Salvation, and was hoping for a cute little beach town...
 ...and either it was completely abandoned, or it was so hot that no one left their house. the only form of life seemed to be the siamese cat (above) foraging on scraps.
All in all pretty creepy, like the kind of town you would expect a zombie apocalypse to come out of. Needless to say i stayed in my car the entire time. 
 sSunning at the hotel cabanas. Life is good.

Sue, enjoying the living room i recreated for him in the backseat. Or mostly just wondering where the hell we were going and why his dad wasn't there (he was on a work trip otherwise he would have been with us)

"Caution: Reality Ahead: Question EVERYTHING"

ain't that the truth!


  1. These photos are AMAZING!!! You're the second friend recently who has gone here, and I'm officially dying to go. Love that it was just you and your pup. What a perfect time.

  2. Wow, your'e right, it has a little bit of the creep factor going on, yet it's so intriguing at the same time! Great photos and I love your little Sue, he looks like he is thoroughly enjoying the adventure!

  3. that place is unreal! love the images x

  4. Dude. I've always wanted to venture out to Salvation Mountain alone. You've made me want to go to all of these places now. yay!

  5. Gah I love that place. I need to get out there again soon.

  6. i love these pics!


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