Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ton of Joy

 Above photo was taken in my kitchen, my lovely friends give me their lovely art - lioness by Mekenzie, Billy Holiday by Alia, embroidery by me, love the way all the colors work off the turquoise wall.

 closeup of the lioness and a little chiffon macrame thing I've been working on. In hot pink.

 Found this jacket for a steal of a price, considered selling it for a minute but I really just love it too much.

Blessed with this gem thanks to the vintage store next to my house. Once again, can't sell this thing i just love it too much.

 ...more on these silk rope pieces later, this is just kind of a sneak peak!


Something old, something new... Hope you enjoyed my recent treasure hunting finds and handicraft treasures. Found any good gems lately?


  1. awesome photos! a lot of colors in your house, seems really really cool!
    I love billie holiday, that's a fabulous piece of artwork

  2. I love these interior shots!! beautiful colors and textures

  3. You're amazing... I love it all!


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