Friday, March 30, 2012


Ahhhh Friday... while I'd love to say I can't wait to relax this weekend, I know its not humanly possible for me to do such things. I'll be crafting away of course, dreaming of the day I build my own outdoor tent like the one above so I can consider taking a nap in it. found here
Loving these little Topshop bralettes, I've been making some of my own with some recently acquired wax printed fabric (shown in background).

 While completely impractical, aren't those little bottomless sandals adorable?? It'd be fun to somehow add this crochet to a pair of previously existing sandals. found here

 This sisal rope wallhanging is just screaming my name! tutorial at design sponge.

I can't actually discuss how in love I am with the art this girl makes, because I'd ramble on for days, but this is just a little chandelier she whipped up from sewing patterns and old books. Go read more about her NOW
patchwork blanket inspiration (id probably do it with fabric so it would take 1,000,000 less hours.)

 love all the outdoor textiles in this house via closetvisit, and her brick red walls are giving me a paint-the-house-itch.... dear landlord, how do you feel about a turquoise patio? 

oh, and remember rag rugs? No? Ok maybe I'm the only one who spent their Saturdays at the library pouring over 70's craft books as a child. found here
Do hillside sunset chillin' and bubbles count as DIY? Because that will definitely be happening. I generally drop whatever I'm doing to go outside and enjoy the sunset whenever I can. 

Have a wonderful weekend, got any fun projects lined up?


  1. cutest crochet sandals ever!
    I just finished a crochet dress and got some crochet leftover fabrics.. might try doing something like those little thingys... anyway.. cool post! loving the photos... have a cool weekend

  2. you kinda speak to my soul



  3. haha 'dear landlord, how do you feel about a turquoise patio?' who wouldn't want a turquoise patio! I made a top very similar to the top shop ones yesterday, but out of denim. I posted a pick on my Calabash facebook page. I haven't planned anything else for this weekend, i'm currently still in my pajamas and it is 1:30 during the day - yay!

  4. So many awesome ideas! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

    - aimee


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