Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lively UP

celebrated my birthday this weekend with lots of good friends, balloons, records, and, as you can see from the photos, drinks. No matter how nice your camera is, with no natural light and an excessive amount of dancing its pretty hard to capture anything. 

It all started off mellow enough, lots of dancing... then Johnny brought the 3-D glasses...

and Alia shows up with what can only be described as a rave butterfly. It lights up at a variety of different paces/colors and plays a pretty amazing/completely awful high pitched house music song (if you know me, you know i HATE house music with a strong passion. Somehow this little butterfly makes it ok.)

then next thing i know all the balloons are blown up and on the ceiling, thanks to some good old fashioned static cling! No helium allowed. 

 birfday girl 

theres about 200 more pictures where these came from... Moral of the story is, you know you have good friends when a pair of 3-D glasses, a light up butterfly wand, and a bag of balloons is all you need to have a blast. Best. Birthday. Ever.

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