Tuesday, February 21, 2012


(images via style.com collaged by me)
It's like I've died and gone to sartorial heaven... not the kind with pretty fluffy clouds and pearly gates, but the kind where anything goes, every color matches, and a bright yellow curly wig seems mild. The team over at Meadham Kirchhoffhave created a heavenly kaleidascopic collection that, when broken down piece by piece, is more than wearable. 

Conceptually, it's like Shirley Temple on LSD at a Cindy Lauper concert, yet I can easily see those chiffon dresses worn in a beautifully glamorous way, or those tights with a simple minidress for a mod look. Or just wear it all piled up as shown and just say to hell with what others think! 

You should probably listen to this if your not familiar with the song. 

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