Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"...jubilation is its own kind of political stance, a way of telling all the depressed, enraged, alienated misfits out there to screw the world and come join the party. There's no revenge sweeter than turning a frown upside down."

pulled from the review of the Meadham Kirchhoff show (i posted about it here). More true words have never been spoken. 


  1. The Meadham Kirchhoff collection really was the best one yet, almost everything else has bored me. Thank god for designers like them.

  2. absolutely stunning..! btw, giveaway going on at my blog i just wanted to shamelessly plug in case you're interested! eheh.


  3. It was so crazily amazing! I'm really excited about that show too-- my sister was there!!
    Erin @


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