Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's mah birthday... week!!! Ok so it's not really until Friday, but this is my golden year (when the date of your birth matches the years you've been alive) so I'm pretty sure I can take a whole week to celebrate. 

I did a little pre-celebrating this weekend with a much needed personal shopping trip. Here's some jewels, records, and crochet blankets I found.
I loooove Harry Belafonte, nothing better to get into a cheery mood, this album is a bit mellow but still puts a smile on my face. Diana Ross can pretty much do no wrong musically, I especially love the deterioration on the cover. I'm not one for mint condition record covers, the aging just makes it more special.
SCORE! These crochet throws range in sizes and colors, the orange one is massive. I've got quite the collection going, considering how cold my house gets at night they make themselves plenty worthy.

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  1. Happy birthday week! I am so envious of your wonderful finds. I have a special place for crochet throws as well; My in-laws just mailed me my husbands crochet blanket from when he was a little guy - it's brown, green, and yellow in a chevron pattern - love it!


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