Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cruel Summer

Louis Vuitton, Zero by Maria Cornejo, Louis Vuitton, Rochas, Preen, Opening Ceremony, Missoni. 

The concept of a spring collection being shipped to stores in the middle of January fascinates me. The fact that fall hits stores in the middle of July, despite no places actually getting cold until about October, is another of fashion's backhanded slaps in the face of reality. Why do we even bother? Why not call this one the January collection, and that one the July collection? Just a suggestion.

With that, here's pre-fall, in all its orange, gold, cobalt, and lime glory. It's like the colors of fall, but without all those extra layers. I love you, June collection. 

All fashion images via, background images are my own. 


  1. Sigh. These are so gorg. I wish it was summer already...

  2. Love the sequin dress! =)

  3. it fascinates me too. actually its more of a tease. its below 30 here this week and all i can think about is when spring will arrive.thx for sharing these photos

  4. thanks ladies! and yikes! i would never last somewhere cold... its sunny in LA but its 40-50 degrees, which is freezing for me!


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