Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bird is the Word

I've been thinking a lot recently about capes. Not the practical, woolen kind you wear in the dead of winter to shield yourself from the elements, but the kind you would wear if you decided to become a super hero. Or, if your me, the kind you put on your dog for halloween every year.

One of my biggest inspiration in design is birds. I'm intrigued by the concept of flight, and being lightweight enough to float through the air and yet powerful enough to hunt small animals. This is why i use leather fringe, it reminds me of the way feathers move, and why I'm drawn to chiffons and tulle fabrics because they literally float in the air. I've been tossing around the idea of a chiffon cape in my mind, but it hasn't quite made it from tossing it around in my head to tossing it around on my shoulders.

So now i ask, why not wear a cape? Are we so sophisticated, so grown up that we can't continue this feeling of flight into more than just a halloween costume? Then along came Three Floor. Their look book is like, yeah, so what, we're just having fun. Their website was even more of a delight, colorful and relaxed clothes, but i wish they had this cape shirt in poppy red chiffon. Oh, excuse me, there's some chiffon and a bottle of red dye calling my name.

found via Tweet

and a few of my favorite pieces from the shop. Chiffon sleeveless trench? Neon lace trimmed tank? Fuzzy mini dress? Yes, yes, yes! 


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