Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A wise falcon hides its talons

A collage including some of the drawings and paintings I've been working on. The peregrine falcon has probably one of the coolest in-flight-bird shots I've ever seen. It's structure is graphically appealing, and its bird of prey reputation makes for a really great source of inspiration. 
From top: 
perigrine falcon image: here, leather paintings done by me, talon necklace: made her think via bona drag, Balmain dress via style.com, kimono via Cult of Aphrodite on Etsy, Falcon drawing done by me, bird mask via Twilight and Filigree on Etsy, Girl via theblowup.com, girl with bird in center, she just kind of showed up on my harddrive. and I'm willing to bet thats not a falcon in her hands. Double sorry. 

 A few weeks ago, I saw Florence Welsch on SNL wearing that Balmain dress (right) and spent the rest of the evening looking for the dress. It's since managed to integrate itself into my sketches and leather painting, much to my delight. Soon I'll just get to drawing the dress... 

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  1. I am loving everything about this! I have been looking for an unusual mask for sometime now with no luck; however, the bird mask is quite lovely.


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